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7 Number Rose Gold Cake Candle For Birthday, Anniversary




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Ideal for the festive season, weddings, parties and special events Usage instructions: To be placed on heat flame resistant surfaces, Keep away from things that can catch fire, Keep away from children & pets
These candles are smokeless, odorless and do not leave any soot residue
Premium candle wick and wax, gently flicker without producing harmful black smoke.
These candles can brighten up the atmosphere of your party and turns it into a celebration like never before
Birthday Candles for adults and kids. It will make your cake very beautiful Special Theme Birthday Candle.

They can help light up your home as well as brighten up your home de?cor,They are ideal for your bedroom, bathroom, and family room as well. They can add a touch of glow to any space and elegance to any event or party. They are suitable for long use during festive celebrations, parties, and special occasions,Candles for good light Made for best quality You'll definitely love this candle Candles will be kids' favorite party decoration Perfect for their special day,nice accessories to bring warm light and make your party more interesting. candles are suitable for all ages, and is best suited with the Rainbow Theme Birthday cake or anyother Anniversary or Birthday or Bachelorette Cakes.Yes, it is different from others because we make it for natural things like wax and sticks its pure wood, we can't use plastic because it is not good for our nature. we always assure you that you use it for birthday candle boys, candles for birthday decoration, birthday candle kids, birthday candle dog, birthday candle girl, birthday candles for cake i love you any were.

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BPA Free

Country of Origin



Paraffin Wax



Item Weight

100 Grams

Product Dimensions

20W x 90H Millimeters

Specific Uses For Product

Cake Topper, Number Candle, Birthday, Anniversary

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