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PACKGE INCLUDES: Computer glasses to minimize digital eye strain caused by harmful blue light emitted from digital screens. Complimentary frame case and cleaning cloth.
ANTI BLUE LIGHT--Anti harmful blue ray, provide all-day protection, against the detrimental effect high energy visible blue light.Whether it’s computers, tablets or smart phones - K KENZHOU glasses will help reduce harmful blue light that can causes eye issues and prevent ideal levels of sleep.
REDUCE EYESTRAIN--Enjoy your digital time, anti reflective coating and tinted lens eliminate glare, improve contrast, and enhance depth perception, reducing digital eye strains,don’t worry about eye fatigue, blurred vision and headache.
COMFORTABLE WEAR:Material for durability and comfortable long-term wear ,Handmade, environmentally friendly materials, acetate materials,.Casual frame design keeps you looking professional and fashion while working or reading.
LIFETIME --In case any broken problem happens, contact the seller without hesitation to solve the problem until satisfaction. We provides worry-free lifetime after sale service for all K KENZHOU reading glasses. Customers can return and get refunded for any reason. You have no risk to try.Description:
All of our electronic devices give off excessive quantities of blue light (smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers). This blue light messes with your
internal clock and stops your body from naturally producing melatonin, the hormone that helps us fall asleep late at night.
K KENZHOU glasses block the most harmful types of blue light helping our body keep its natural schedule. This allows you to have an optimal viewing
experience without the nasty yellow glare that can occur with inferior glasses.
The lens was made of a fully transparent base, while maintaining high light transmittance. Less reflective, no affect reading, and giving you get the optimal.
viewing experience without any color distortion.
K KENZHOU glasses are essential for anyone using an electronic device daily. Each lens comes with layer coating designed specifically to reduce glare,
reflect blue light away from the user and relieve long term eye strain caused by excess electronic device use.If you are using your phone or computer late at night.
and have trouble sleeping you would notice a difference almost immediately when you first try K KENZHOU computer glasses.Handmade, environmentally friendly materials, acetate materials.

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