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TO CHOOSE YOUR SIZE: Use a soft, flexible tape measure and find the circumference around the middle of your kneecap, in inches (refer to the 2nd image above). Size 2XL fits 19”-21”.
SWOLLEN KNEE TREATMENT: The dislocated patellar wrap helps treat and prevent conditions including runners and jumpers knee, patella tracking disorder, kneecap subluxation, meniscus tears, patellofemoral syndrome, knock knees, bowed legs, arthritis, and MCL and LCL sprains / strains.
IMPROVE KNEECAP ALIGNMENT: The reversible splint features an innovative C-shaped buttress, which can provide customizable support on the inside or outside of your knee for medial or lateral kneecap instability, as well as an adjustable, medical-grade Velcro strapping system for tension control.
BREATHABLE & SWEAT-RESISTANT: Designed for walking, working out, and sports such as football, volleyball, golfing, and soccer, this lightweight athletic knee band is made of a moisture-wicking fabric, providing the compression and support you would expect from a neoprene knee sleeve, without making your knee hot or sweaty.
LOW-PROFILE, OPEN-PATELLA DESIGN: A circular opening around your knee allows you to easily squat, climb stairs, drive, and bend over throughout the day. Plus, it is only 6" tall, making it super comfortable to wear for unstable knees!Description:
This sweat-resistant knee brace for working out is a way of dealing with exercise-related knee pain by providing compression and support with maximum comfort. You can wear this brace with a knee injury while working out, exercising, or even while playing a sport. This brace is made out of an alternative neoprene material, which means it will not retain heat, making it very breathable for working out. Another great feature of this brace is that it is also is sweat resistant. It is specifically designed to maximize airflow, allowing the heat and moisture to escape. The exercise knee brace is C-shaped for maximum patella control, and also has an adjustable strap system that allows you to control the tension of the brace to your liking. The structure of this athletic knee brace is compression molded and textured for a slide-proof fit. The brace is lightweight and low-profile making working out even more comfortable. This small workout brace covers no more area than necessary; it is just six inches long. Besides working out with a knee injury, this knee brace can also serve as knee injury treatments for conditions such as: patella subluxation (dislocation), patella-femoral syndrome, and rehab after an injury to the patella tendon. To clean and care for the brace, remove any metal if possible, and close all contact closures. Hand wash in warm water with a mild soap. The product then should be air-dried, make sure you do not use high temperatures to wash or dry. There are many different sizes available in this knee brace, including plus-sizes. It is offered in 8 different sizes, ranging from S up to 4XL, fitting knee circumference of 12 inches up to 28 inches. To figure out what size you many need measure the circumference around the middle of your kneecap, in inches. Then take a look at our sizing graphic to see what size would best fit you.

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