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Carfia Anti Blue Light Glasses For Women, Blue Light Filter ..More




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【Reduces Eye Fatigue/Eye Strain】Carfia blue light glasses block harmful blue light while letting in other beneficial light, maintaining the color fidelity and for your eye health. Promote Sharper Vision, clear and not distorted, Stop Sore Eyes and Headaches. They are the best presents for people who look at tablet or computer screens most of the day.
【Prevent Macular Degeneration Syndrome】Our Anti Reflective and Anti Glare lens coating offer Top UV protection filtering out 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and blue light up to 400nm, they can perfectly Prevents Macular Degeneration (vision loss) and Computer Vision Syndrome.
【Improve Sleep & Restore Mind】Wearing Carfia at least 60 minutes before bedtime leaves you free to watch TV and use devices without ruining your sleep. Better sleep results in more energy, focus, and happiness, increasing your overall wellbeing.
【Handcrafted Acetate Computer Eyeglasses】 These are not cheap plastic frame nor coating patterns, Carfia hand-crafted cellulose acetate frame are born patterns embedded, with rich colours finish, which makes them as excellent as the world's famous brand. Premium Quality, without Premium Price.
【WHAT MAKES THESE SPECIAL】These high quality lenses feature the Blue Light Blocking material incorporated into the lens mass, for a excellent performance and durability ( they are not made from clear plastic with a simple coating) The lenses are thicker and of a higher grade. Special designed to block harmful blue light. Blue light cut lens are (AR) Anti-reflective & Scratch Resistant.

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