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This carbon fiber insert is sold as a single item, not as a pair. For both shoes, please order two shoe inserts. Keep in mind that the shoe insole is suitable for either foot by just flipping it over. This insert is a wider version and is designed to be used with sneakers, hiking boots and sport boots. It is not made for casual leather shoes nor boots.
Please make sure you choose the right size carbon fiber shoe insert which will fit in your footwear. Please look at the fourth picture before taking measures and ordering. In addition, please check that the millimeters and inches are correct since EU and US sizes can vary on different shoe brands.
The carbon fiber insole is a great product that keeps the shoe from bending. It reduces pain associated with different injuries and keeps your feet from getting tired after a long hike. You’ll also be able to play sports (football, basketball etc) better with the shoe insole. The insert is only 1.2mm thick and is perfect to use it below your original removable shoe insole or under an orthotic.
The shoe insert is 180 degrees flat. It has some flexibility and will restore its shape as soon as there is no pressure. The extremely lightweight 3K twill plain real carbon fiber we use is made in Japan. The shoe insert itself is produced and designed in Europe. The end result is a thin, strong and durable carbon fiber shoe insert.
These insoles at the Pharmacy store are twice as expensive. This is a handmade product and it takes a lot of time and effort to produce it. Our team of hired specialists will make sure quality control goes well and that you are going to receive a perfect product.Description:
We recommend that you take measures of your shoe insole before you order this carbon fiber insert. Our insert allows you to wear sneakers, boots after injuries or surgical procedures making your shoe more rigid. The insert is fitting for either right of the left shoe just by flipping it over. Compared to steel plates carbon fiber inserts are 3-4 times lighter and they are not damaging shoes or rusting as spring steel plates do. The insole is only 1.2mm thick and it is very lightweight. The carbon fiber insert is placed underneath the sole or the sock liner. They allow athletes to play by providing support to the injured foot. It can be used for a turf toe, chronic injuries, metatarsal stress fractures, broken bones and so on. Immobilizes toe joints to prevent it from bending during walking and sports. This carbon inserts can also be used in the case of Arthritis pain or Ideopathic Toe Walking, stabilizing the foot. It can also be used for arch support. This insole is not made for a shoe with a heel. Also the shape of the insert will not match leather stylish party shoes. They will fir best for sneakers. Carbon fiber inserts are currently being used by professional athletes also hikers all around the world. Inserts are recommended by Doctors, Orthopedic Surgeons, Sports Medicine Physicians, Chiropractors and Athletic Trainers all over the World.

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Hippity hop


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Carbon Fiber Insole

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