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Orthodox Prayer Rope 33 Knots Black (100% Wool)




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BLESSED WRIST 33 KNOT PRAYER ROPE, handmade of 100% wool and two wooden beads. Made with prayer by the nuns at the monastery of the Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God, using double 2-ply yarn, which makes medium sized knot. It is finished with a knotted bar cross and two wooden beads. The hue of the beads may differ slightly from the photo.
MADE ACCORDING TO THE ANCIENT MONASTIC TRADITION of tying the knots so that the knots themselves would constantly make the sign of the cross. Each knot contains seven little crosses being tied over and over, which makes it almost impossible to untie.
MADE OUT OF wool with excellent uniformity and strength, this traditional prayer rope is sturdy and easy to move around for praying. It may be gently stretched to separate the knots.
DIMENSIONS: The inner circumference is approx. 1.96", whereas the outer circumference is approx. 2.55"; however it will stretch with use. The thickness of each knot is approx. 0.27".
THE PRAYER ROPE IS USED in prayer to help the mind concentrate. At each knot, one prayer is said, usually the Jesus prayer, which consists of the following words: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner”, or simply “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.” At each wooden bead, the prayer “Hail Mary” or “Most Holy Mother of God, save us” is usually said. The aim of the prayer is to unite man with God and to fill man’s heart with the light of the divine grace.Description:
We were created by God and for God and with Him only can we be fulfilled, in every good sense of the word. God is our parent, and our closest neighbor, and our joy, and our comfort, and our patience, and our perseverance, and our repentance, and our tears, and our prayer, and our love, and our freedom, and our happiness, and our health, and our food, and our drink, and our clothing, and our future, and our goal, and our strength, and―all things ours. It is up to us only to have a good intention, to use the gift of freedom in order to build union with God and to struggle in that direction, while everything else is an act of God’s grace, which cooperates with us. Without God and God’s grace, we cannot do anything!

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