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Product Type: Foot Support
Primary Focus: Stability
Indications for Use: Drop Foot, Weak Dorsiflexors
Sizing Information: Circumference of ankle, measured around the malleoli (ankle joint)
Ankle Circumference: (22 - 26cm)Description:
The 'Foot-Up' is a lightweight ankle orthosis, designed to provide dynamic support for drop foot or similar complaints. This simple orthosis not only provides visible improvement in the patient's gait, by providing support the moment the foot is raised, but it is simple to fit and practically invisible when worn. Foot-up combines two separate parts; an ergonomic ankle wrap, which connects to a plastic inlay that fits between the tongue and the laces of a shoe. A separate shoeless foot wrap is also available, which enables the orthosis to be worn without footwear. Both attachments fasten to the ankle wrap by a strong elastic strap with a quick release clip. The ankle wrap is made from a breathable three-layered structure, which makes it comfortable to wear for long periods, without causing irritation to the skin or impeding the foot's freedom of movement. The Foot-up is available in three sizes and includes a plastic inlay. Additional plastic inlays and the Shoeless Foot Wrap are supplied separately. Indications for Use: Drop Foot Weak Dorsiflexors Features and Benefits: Available in black or beige Streamline Lightweight Barely visible when worn Comfortable to wear Breathable material Padded Easy to fit Separate inlays available Also available in shoeless version Sizing Information: Circumference of ankle, measured around the malleoli (ankle joint)

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