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10 Pieces Value Pack – Unisex for your small toe. These gel toe covers allow you and your family members to wear clean one everyday. It’s an ideal gift for sports enthusiast and for those who suffer from toe pain.
Good Partner to Your Toes - Big toe caps help free your toes from corn, blisters, calluses, overlap, hammer toes or other painful spots on toes, protect missing or ingrown toenail, while protecting the toes from skin infections.
Comfortable & Flexible Compression - Washable and reusable. Made of super stretchy gel material for superior cushioning, high elasticity and flexibility. You can also cut the toe cover with scissors according to your toe size.
Enjoy Walking Again – Soft gel material, skin-friendly and won’t irritate skin. They fit comfortably inside a variety of shoes including open toe high heels, sneakers, boots, sandals and running shoes, and provide you with a supportive cushion that helps eliminate pressure and pain.
Get Back to It Guarantee - Your results are our top priority. If your purchase doesn't help you get back to doing what you love, we'll find something that will or we'll give you your money back. That's our promise to help you get back to the original you.Description:
10 Pieces gel toe sleeve, suitable for your small toe, not the big toe.

Humanized Design:
1.Soft, skin-friendly & stretchy grade silicone which is safe and comfortable to wear.
2.good stability, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, high elasticity and compression without deformation.
3.Can be cut to suitable length to fit your toe perfectl,y.
4.Effectively eliminate the pain caused by calluses, blisters and corns. Helps ingrown and missing nails to heal faster

How to Use :
1. After receiving the product, put the product on the appropriate toe.
2, if you want the size to fit the foot more, you can use scissors to trim to the right size.
3. For better use, wear comfortable socks and shoes after wearing the product.
4. This product has unique design, more suitable for your feet, after use, please remember to clean and put it in a dry place.

1. Do not use on injured skin.
2. If you feel uncomfortable during use, do not wear it for a long time.
3. For those that sensitive people , do not use them for a long time
4. After use, it can be cleaned and placed in a dry place. Usually, some baby powder can be put into as the daily care.

Friendship Prompt:
1. We suggest you to check the sizing information of toe protectors and measure your toes Before Ordering.
2. Wash with water or soap.
3. Air dry naturally, avoid direct sun.
4. Store in original package when not use.
5. If it becomes sticky after cleaning, you can add baby powder or talcum powder.
6.Moderate thickness, so it leaves room for your feet. But we still suggest you use them inside the looser fitting shoes to avoid causing your feet discomfort due to squeezing.

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