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Pack of 50 Red Beer Pong Shot Glasses With Ping Pong Ball | ..More




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High-quality glasses, these shot cups are built to withstand the rigors of partying and gaming. Their smooth surface ensures easy cleaning between rounds, so you can spend less time tidying up and more time enjoying the festivities. Introducing our vibrant and versatile 2 oz red shot glass cups, the perfect addition to any party or beer pong game! Crafted with durability and style in mind, these sleek red shot glasses are designed to elevate your drinking experience. Whether you're hosting a lively gathering with friends or engaging in a competitive round of beer pong, our 2 oz shot glasses are up to the task. Their compact size makes them ideal for serving Cup your favorite shots or concocting creative mini cocktails. Plus, the striking red color adds a pop of excitement to any occasion. So, whether you're raising a toast or aiming for victory in beer pong, make sure you do it in style with our 2 oz red shot glass cups. Add a touch of flair to your next gathering and let the good times roll!

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