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Rehband Rx Knee Support Jr. - Black - Small - 1 Sleeve




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ENABLE YOUR CHILD’S POTENTIAL - HELP HIM/HER TRAIN SAFELY - Young active athletes are just as prone to performance-related injuries as adults; in fact even more so as their bones and joints are still developing and therefore less resilient - Rehband Rx Knee Support Junior is designed to protect against common knee injuries and help your child train safely no matter his/her chosen activity - These premium junior knee sleeves ensure healthy blood flow, warmth, and stability for the knee.
PATENTED TECHNOLOGY - The Rehband Rx Knee Support Junior is based on a patented anatomical pattern that has been adapted to fit the actual contour of young growing athletes. Our unique 4-panel neoprene knee brace is designed to stay in place and provide full support throughout a workout or training session without limiting muscle development. The warmth generated by this premium knee sleeve keeps the knee safe from injury while the compression increases muscle control and coordination.
ANY ACTIVITY, ANY SKILL LEVEL - The Rehband Rx Knee Support Junior provides 360? reinforcement for the knee, and allows for a safe, optimal range of motion in any activity - no matter your young athletes chosen sport. This junior knee brace from Rehband is perfect for protecting developing knee muscles and joints against stress, strain and other common performance-related injuries. It also helps promote faster recovery post strenuous training sessions or competitive events.
60+ YEARS OF ELITE EXPERTISE IN DESIGN AND ANATOMY - Rehband has been producing quality handcrafted knee supports and workout gear since 1955 in collaboration with elite athletes from around the world. Because Rehband recognizes that child and teenage athletes today are training more intensively and competitively from an earlier age, resulting in an increase in knee injuries, we recently put our R&D team and textile engineers to work to create the best knee sleeve for young athletes.
CHOOSE THE BEST FOR YOUR CHILD - If you're like us, you want the best for the junior athlete in your life, and this means taking measures to protect their growing body and general well-being. We at Rehband are with you every step of the way which is why our premium Rx Knee Support Junior is designed to offer an optimal combination of support, fit, and comfort plus ensure they enjoy the stability and control to reach their full potential without risking long-term injury.Description:
Exclusively designed for children and teenagers who practice weightlifting. Leading champions wear these bandages during training and competition. This bandage has been designed for superb body fit, especially for weight training, athletic and crossfit. Perfect to prevent injuries, but also to alleviate typical muscle and joint injuries and restore full mobility. The high additional compression and the very good heat storage in the knee joint will surprise you and give you much more stability under load. If you want to achieve more in sports and feel safe, this knee bandage is just right.

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