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� Enhance your beauty with this high quality smudge proof,Long-lasting, Natural looking tattoo pen.Give it few sec to dry. (PLEASE Read Description for Color Details.)
� Convenient and easy to use as part of your daily beauty routine; Available in three colors: Chestnut (medium brown), Brown (Auburn), Dark Grey (black)
� Create the microblading look with precision using the fork tip by gently drawing hair strokes.Use and store with the tip positioned lower than the end of the pen to ease and prolong its use as this is similar to a marker or pen. Also always close cap tightly.
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Buy with confidence; we strive to make you (our customers) happy. Any problems, send us a message and we’ll make it rightDescription:
Cloud Retailers Presents

Music Flower Eyebrow Tattoo Pen Microblading-3D Fork Tip

This new and revolutionary smudge-proof long lasting eyebrow pen features a micro fork tip applicator that creates hair-like strokes lasting all day to hopefully replace the old-school pencils.

Regarding Colors:

* Dark Grey is recommended for Black/Dark Grey eyebrows.
* Brown is recommended for Brown/Auburn eyebrows (this is a Reddish Brown).
* Chestnut is recommended for Brown/Dark Blonde eyebrows (Cool Brown).


Note: After applying once you achieve the desired shape allow the pigmentation to dry.

* Step 1: Start with clean and dry skin. Do not apply after putting lotion on, this will make the eyebrow pen less effective.
* Step 2: Use a light hand, don't press hard. Raise the pen tip 45 degrees and gently draw along the growth direction of the eyebrows (If your eyebrows are not sparse, you can also draw straight across your eyebrows to create a fuller look.)
* Step 3: Fill the eyebrows with the wide part of the pen.
* Step 4: For the end of your brow, tilt the pen to fill the area with the narrower part of the pen.
* Step 5: Correct any mistakes to get your desired shape and then let it dry for a few seconds.

Initially it will be slightly wet but that gives you the chance to fix any mistakes.

Use and store with the tip positioned lower than the end of the pen to ease and prolong its use as this is similar to a marker or pen. Also, always close cap tightly.

Enjoy this unique fork like design enabling you to get perfectly defined, naturally beautiful, hair-like brows that WOW. If you have any questions on how to use the product please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Water, Smudge Proof, Long Lasting

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