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MANUAL GRIND AUTO DISPENSE - Marries the reliability of MANUAL GRINDING with the convenience of AUTO DISPENSING. Would you like to enjoy perfectly ground herb without ever needing to twist open your grinder and be exposed to the messy process or potential spills? All those hassles are now a thing of the past with a single press of a button, which activates a powerful vibrational electric motor which evenly dispenses your herbs through the spout.
Designed for PORTABILITY - Especially suitable for outdoor environments where you might not have access to a table or tray. Use the cleverly hidden magnetic flip spout allows you to accurately position your aim, making it the perfect companion for rolling, cones and for sharing your raw material and when you travel.
VIABLE & SECURE CONTAINER- Your herbs are securely stashed behind a slidable dispensing gate secured by powerful magnets. Even better, your herb is stored in a compartment with a beautiful LED lighted viewing window so you can easily check herb quantity. The large size means the grinder holds a good supply of herbs.
FLUFFY HERB GRIND - You’ll get a smooth and fluffy grind every time due to 28 CNC manufactured ultra sharp diamond shaped grinding teeth. These efficiently grind your herbs, teas or other spices for ultra-smooth rolling. What’s most impressive, however, is the even distribution. Just press the button and watch your freshly ground herbs and flowers go wherever you point the distributor nozzle. With a powerful 320mah battery, you can grind over 120 use per charge.
INCREDIBLE DURABILITY - is ensured by a wonderfully smooth space grade anodized aluminum alloy body. To make sure you never drop it, we outfitted the unit with a textured grinding grip and a sleek matt finish. Easy, one button user friendly interface dispenses your herbs, evenly on the paper, which makes rolling easier than ever before.Description:
Traditional grinders are great all the way up to the point you try to remove your sticky herbal flowers. We’ve watched countless spills, drops and mishaps with the old way. That’s why we created the Tectonic9. We took the durability of a traditional grinder and added the one thing they’re missing: an electronically powered dispensing mechanism that gives you control over the dispensing. Imagine you could hold your grinder over a rolling paper and push a button and have a smooth line of herbs fill it just right. That’s what we set out to give you with the Tectonic9. NOTE: This is a MANUAL grinder with AUTO dispensing. We believe this is the best combination.

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