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Diwali is the biggest and most widely celebrated festival in India, but the celebration stretches to many corners of the world as well. Singapore, Fiji, and Suriname are among the many countries that make Diwali a national holiday.

Diwali is coming up and this festive occasion calls for beautiful deepavali decorations. Getting closer to the day, you’ll see many decorations sold everywhere, but why not do DIY decor projects?

These traditional diwali decorations don’t have to be complicated and time-consuming. In fact, there are a lot of quick DIY diwali decoration ideas and it’s simple.

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Fabric Nets for to dress up the walls

dining table decoration for diwali

Use fabric nets as drapes, canopy tents or curtains to add colour to the Diwali setting at your venue

Diwali Decoration Ideas for Office

Paper cup garland

Diwali decoration ideas - Paper cup garland

Use paper cups and fairy light to make this DIY paper cup garland to hang on walls and outdoor to add a unique and personalised feel to your Diwali

Believe us, paper cups can be one of the easiest Diwali decoration ideas to light up the mundane corners of the house. Create a unique decorative element for Diwali by painting and cutting them in floral shapes. Add tiny light bulbs to it and create a chain.

Fruit Candles

This might sound unusual but yes, an exciting idea as this does exist. Cut the fruit peels in beautiful shapes and place tiny fragrant candles inside them for a perfect decoration of home this Diwali.

Fruit Candles

Crepe paper toran

Diwali decoration ideas - Crepe paper toran

This crepe paper toran will last longer than fresh flower toran for sure, and it looks nicer than plastic toran. This idea will glow for Diwali Backdrop. It can be used for any occasion.

To create your own toran, get crepe papers in various colors of your choice. Follow the instructions here to make the toran. You can also add gold bells at each end to make it more festive. When Diwali is over, don’t throw away your toran, keep it for other festivals or gatherings!

Paper garlands

Diwali Decoration Ideas for Living Room - Paper garlands

If you want a quirky, fun them then opt for a paper cup garland- no doubt a colourful Diwali hanging decoration. It is easy to string together and can be used later in the year at your kids bday party or just as a creative decor item at home

Diyas And Candles

Diyas And Candles

Nothing can beat the Diya – Candle duo in Diwali decoration! Buy some plain and simple diyas and candles, light them and decorate the boundary of your house with it. Put them alternately along walls, along entrances and pavements, facades, etc. You can also brighten up simple diyas and candles with colours and glitter. Bring out your creative side and try nopt buying diyas and instead make your own diyas this Diwali wiyh flour dough, egg shells, seashells or you can also use the fruit peels. Simply add some glitter, stick on some sequiece work from thr leftouts at home, pour in melted way and add a wick to it. Get your hands on some cinnamon stick candles, aroma sticks, etc. and make the best use of them. Apart from the creative look to them, they will leave your house with a faint fragrance to it.

Floating Candles

What’s not to love about floating candles? The floating candles is part of the modern decoration that looks very fresh when used as a centerpiecee of as accent decor. You’ll just have to fill decorated bowls with water and put some floating candles in them. You can also put flower petals and/ or glitter in them. Keep these bowls at different places in your house like putting it on the centre table along with sweets and dry fruits beside them looks very exquisite. You can also paint or make rangolis around these bowls.

Floating Candles

Washi tape Diwali tealights

Washi tape Diwali tealights

Tealight candles are a staple for Diwali decoration, but they can look a bit flat with their grey metal holders. For this, washi tapes are the solution! The width of washi tapes perfectly matches the holders, and all you have to do is pick the tapes you like, and wrap them around the tealight. Keep the tapes varied to make it more colorful.

Diwali Home Decoration

Fairy lights with a twist

Diwali decoration ideas - Fairy lights with a twist

Fairy lights for Diwali are a common thing, but make it fun by hanging photo prints in between the lights! Pick your best family memories, get the photos printed, delivered to you with a few clicks, and hang them on the string with decorative pegs.

The candle inside a jar

The candle inside a jar

This one is such a gem. Quick and easy to make, with an elegant result. Simply pick a few mason jars in various sizes, wrap them with laces, ribbons, or yarns, and place your candle and its holder inside.

If you’re not keen on laces and yarns, you can paint the jars and unleash your inner Gustav Klimt to create ornate patterns. For the best results, use an acrylic paint that works well on a glass surface.

A String Of Good Wishes!

You must have received a ton of Diwali greeting cards! Acknowledge your friends by displaying the cards on a string that can run through one wall of your party room. Make sure you fasten them securely with clothes pegs so that they don’t fall off.

Good wishes Decoration

Don’t Forget The Balloons!

Balloons are a party staple. Grab a bunch of metallic, glittery balloons and float them up to the ceiling. But, a word of caution: do remember that at Diwali time you are bound to have candles and diyas around, so make sure that there’s no helium in them which can be a potential fire hazard.

Don’t Forget The Balloons

Rice Paper Globe Lanterns

Japanese lanterns are readily available at home décor shops, and a row of these in different colours can heighten the party drama in your terrace or garden.

Rice Paper Globe Lanterns

DIY String Balls

There are many DIY videos you can find online that show easy ways of making these pretty little yarn balls. All you need are bits of coloured yarn, a few balloons and glue. Hang them at staggered heights and string some coloured lights around them for a unique, handmade party décor idea. DIY String Balls

Make Creative Rangoli Designs

Rangolis get an additional appeal in the Diwali season as there are a lot of choices to accentuate the beauty of those vivid patterns of Rangoli. This Deepavali, utilize candles and earthen pots (diyas) around your Rangoli to finish its design patterns.

Cake Creative Rangoli Designs

Elegant Touch of Floral Decoration

Fill your home’s encompassing in a magical cover of the fragrance of fresh flowers. Pick an interesting and appealing vase and make a flower centerpiece to put it on the coffee table.

Try to color coordinate flowers with the color of cushions or other style complements like lamps or lanterns on side tables. Exquisitely arrange flower!

Elegant Touch of Floral Decoration

Diwali Decorative Lights

Light up each side of your home utilizing lights, lanterns, earthen pots (diyas) and candles but remember that general appearance ought not to look jumbled and overcompensated.

Diwali Decorative Lights

Mixed Color Rattan Ball String Series

These are handcrafted premium 20 rattan ball string lights. Folk wisdom process colors the rattan stems that utilizations just normal hues. At the point when the string lights are joined with little lights, they turn out to be more appealing and appropriate for decoration.

Mixed Color Rattan Ball String Lights Series

Serial Lamps

Serial lights regularly known as Christmas lights are accessible in various shapes and sizes with brilliant knobs that take after the row of diyas.

If you are stressed over the children at home disturbing or playing with diyas, purchase serial lamps in meters given your necessity and go free for all designing the house with lights that are safe for kids.

Serial Lamps

 Fairy Lights

We generally tend to decorate our walls with hangings or paintings during Diwali. What about lighting them up, too? Well, with fairy or strip lights, you could. Fairy lights are beautiful and it always makes your house look cozy and prettier. You can switch of your main light and leave only the fairy lights on. While we deck up the façade of our homes we tend to miss out on the garden area. To make your entrance look even more welcoming, light up your garden with the fairly lights too. 


The festive season is around the corner. It’s time to decorate our homes to give that fresh new feel. Here are some ways to give that special touch to your home.

1) Experiment with colors: Break the monotonous look. Paint the center wall of your living room differently. Either use different colors or wallpaper with designs that match your decor.

2) Add colored accessories: If you have a light-colored sofa, add colorful cushions. Or if you have light-colored walls add some colorful decorative items. E.g. Turkish chandeliers.

3) Add some lighting element: To add some glow to your decor, use lamps

4) Add a touch of nature: You can add a pot of plant of a vase of fresh flowers to your decor. This will not only add some color, freshness, and fragrance but also will help to complete your homely look.

So, do you have any more interesting ideas on home decor? Do share it with us.

We hope this Diwali infographic and DIY Diwali decorations ideas can help to get your spirit up for the occasion! Do prepare diwali gift ideas and share them with us and your friends around.

And there you have it! There are a lot more homemade Diwali decoration ideas that you can do, but we hope these Diwali decoration ideas for the home can help you primp your space in time for Diwali.

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