5 Wedding Decoration Ideas for a Show-Stopping Ven

Sharad Navratri’, also called Durga Puja, is one of the most celebrated and longest festivals in India, honouring the divinity of Goddess Durga. Over nine whole nights, the nine forms of the Goddess are worshipped. The time commemorates her victory over the evil Mahisashura. While the festival is celebrated differently across India’s several regions, one ritual remains a high priority for all – preparing for this auspicious season with simple yet charming ideas for Navratri decoration at home.

For one, these nine festive days includes fun, devotion, music, food, and more with friends, relatives and loves ones. For another, this season of happiness, festivity, and fervour is complimented with clean, adorned, and colourful homes.

But how do you transform your humble abode into a residence that celebrates the joy of festivity when inviting your friends, relatives and the Goddess Durga into it?

Fortunately, we have simple & creative Navratri decoration ideas that can help your home or the outdoors stand out!

1. Style Up Your Floor with Rangolis

tyle Up Your Floor With Rangolis

Rangolis are one of the simplest and cheapest way to transform your floors into a colourful, creative canvas

2. De- ‘light’ Your Guests with Painted Diyas 

osley Fragranced Citronella Tea Light Candles Candle Price in India - Bu

andlelight - love the use of mason jars | Wedding decorations, Tea lights, Wedding

Diyas are a celebration of good over evil, of light over darkness

3. Setting up the goddess Durga avratri Decoration Ideas at home || DIY Stage for Mata Rani || Best and Creat

ooja decoration idea at home |pooja decoration idea for navratri, diwali, durga

appy Movements Event Planner & Orgenizer - Event Management Company

Pretty paper decorations like paper garlands, pinwheels, foil curtains, etc can be used for making backdrops to set the idol for worship. The use of paper makes the decoration eco friendly

in by Binish Zaidi on Decor Ideas | Wedding decorations, Decor, Marriage

4. Dance party themes – traditional or modern?

Traditional or modern are 2 choices of themes for your garba and dandiya dance party

Using solid multi colours decorations to make your set up goes the traditional way.

Using metallic tones makes it more modern. We recommend a use of a mix of various products in the manner that suits your taste to create spectacular set ups for you evening of garba and dandiya.

asy Going and Super Cool Wedding in Berlin | Party balloons, Diy ball

Using solid colours latex balloon suspended from the ceiling

ew Year's Eve Party Decoration Craft Ideas for Kids #Newyear #partydecora

using multiple foil curtains of various colours to create a multi coloured back drop

/Users/karandharod/Downloads/515q2HaqSfL.jpeg /Users/karandharod/Downloads/81QzpIQVn4L._AC_SL1500_.jpg Using these pretty disco ball foil balloons to make a statement

5 Wedding Decoration Ideas for a Show-Stopping Ven

Paper lanters are the traditional setups clubbed with paper flowers to make soothing décor with the addition of lights and fairy lights

uy Giant Transparent Balloon Colorful Paper Balloons Accessories H

Using bobo balloons with balloon tassel tails to make pretty set ups to match your modern Navratri themed decorations

pc-LED clear balloons for table tops all inclusive kit

eusable LED Balloon | Light up balloons, Wedding balloons, Led balloons

with the festive time of prayer and dancing lights are the best to do away with the evil and using these light up bobo balloons still keeps it modern

5. Cold fire works & coloured smoke bombs

old Firework Sparkler Machine For Events Wedding - Buy Cold Firewor

Using cold pyros or cold fire works to light up the evening of dancing and yet being safe

 Best Smoke Bomb Photography Tips & Ideas – Sunny

Coloured smoke bombs are great to colour up the dance floor with the dancing is at its best

6. Photogenic Fairy Lights

allery Fairy Lights - Hire catering and gazebo lights wedding Firenze

,000+ Hanging Lights Pictures

 ways to install Christmas lights on an outdoor tree

Fairy lights are always a popular choice to mold them for a variety of creative decorative lighting options

While most of the products needed are available on our store www.hippityhopstore.com, you can explore with your imagination and availability to finalise the perfect set up for your Navratri celebration


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